Become a Driving Instructor with Drive Rite!

What is a certified driving instructor?

A Certified Driving Instructor is a person in a licensed driving school that is certified to teach driving motor vehicles.  

Driving instructors can teach behind-the-wheel driving to vehicles including:

  • Cars
  • Motorcycles 
  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Tractor-trailers 

What is required to become a Certified Driving Instructor?

In order to be a certified Driving Instructor in New York, you must be employed by a driving school that is licensed by DMV. You must also complete a series of courses. 

Other requirements include:

  • At least 21 years of age
  • Have a New York State driver’s license that has been valid for at least 2 years in the vehicle the instructor is intending to teach in, and 
  • has not been suspended or revoked in the last 2 years
  • shows an acceptable driving record
  • A high school or high school equivalency diploma   
  • Must pass required testing, which includes:
  • a road sign test
  • a vision test
  • a written test
  • a road test
  • Must have never been convicted of criminal activity including violence, deceit, dishonesty, indecency, degeneracy, or moral turpitude 

You must also complete a “course in driver training and traffic safety, approved by the Commissioner, consisting of at least 30 hours.” This course is known as the Methods and Content Course for In-Car Instruction (MCCII) and is taught in various driving schools, as well as community colleges that have been approved by DMV to provide this course.

How do you become a Certified New York Driving Instructor?

To start, you must be employed by a licensed driving school, such as Drive Rite Academy. The hiring process involves completing an Application for Driving School Instructor Certificate (MV-253). When completing the application, be sure to thoroughly answer all questions, along with providing any additional information that is needed. Include any required documentation requested as well. Failure to include all required information may result in your application being rejected. 

With the application, you need to include the following:

  • A copy of your high school or high school equivalency diploma
  • One passport-type photograph of yourself, taken within the last 30 days
  • A check or money order, payable to the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, in the amount of $10. The DMV will not accept starter checks, cash, or credit cards.
  • If your driver’s license is issued from a state other than New York, you must show a certified copy of your driving record from the state agency that issued your license.

What tests are required to become a Certified Driving Instructor? 

Once your application is approved, you will be required to undergo testing, including:

Vision test

The Vision Test is very similar to the test for qualifying or renewing your driver’s license. You can either take the test at DMV or have your eye doctor or physician conduct the test and complete the Vision Test Report form (MV-619). Attach the Vision Test Report to your application.

Road sign test

The Road Sign test evaluates your knowledge of road signs. See the Driver’s Manual (MV-21) for additional information.

Written test

The Written Test is based on information found in the Driver’s Manual (MV-21), Commissioner’s Regulations Part 76 (CR-76), and Section 394 of New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law (MV-299.1). There is a study guide for the Written Test, which can be downloaded (MV-368).

Behind-the-wheel instructor’s driving test

The Behind-The-Wheel Instructor’s Driving Test will evaluate your ability to drive and give a student instruction, in the type of vehicle you want to teach in. For this test, you must provide your own vehicle.

With each application, you are allowed to take the Road Sign and Written Tests twice, and the Behind-The-Wheel Instructor’s Driving Test once. If you do not pass these tests, you will have to submit a new application (MV-523), which includes photos and the $10 fee.

Why should you become a Certified Driving Instructor with Drive Rite Academy?

You will receive all the tools and support you need, all while teaching hundreds of students of a valuable life skill. You will be positively influencing people’s lives.

Our driving instructors bring a refreshing change to the driving school industry. Using our proprietary curriculum, our instructors guide students through every step of the journey towards becoming licensed drivers, and beyond.

We offer:

  • Best-in-the-industry compensation
  • Flexible scheduling
  • In-depth formal and on the job training, mentorship, and help with DMV certification
  • Clean, current-model vehicles equipped with the latest safety features
  • Convenient online scheduling and communication with staff
  • A respectful, caring, and supportive culture